When to use Voltaren Emulgel and Voltaren Max


 Voltaren Emulgel®

Voltaren® is a trusted brand that has produced a number of effective analgesic (pain killer) aids throughout many years. Their chief ingredient ‘diclofenac’, belongs to a group of drugs called ‘nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)’ and available in many forms. Diclofenac acts by reducing the inflammation in local tissues alleviating the pain and swelling.

Emulgel® is a whitish, less oily, homogenous cream that contains diclofenac diethylamine in 1.16% w/w concentration. This gel is a clinically proven pain reliever capable of handling numerous painful conditions including,

  • Osteoarthritis (OA) of superficial joints including the knee.
  • Following blunt force injuries to the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints like bruises and sprains.
  • Sports injuries eg. Tennis elbow
  • Soft tissue inflammations (Rheumatism) eg. Tendinitis, bursitis

Voltaren Emulgel  is a remarkably versatile application that can be used in handling a number of other localized pain and inflammation.

The revolutionary Emulgel® technology guides ‘diclofenac’ more efficiently into the surrounding soft tissue than many other available creams and gels. A unique form of diclofenac, ‘Diclofenac diethyl ammonium’ is a specially created chemical formula that can penetrate the soft tissue rapidly providing a swift analgesic effect in the area of application.

Voltaren Emulgel® should be used by adults and children above 12 years of age. As it contains less ‘diclofenac’ than the stronger Voltaren Max®, the Emulgel® should ideally be applied three to four time a day for best results. The required amount can vary depending on the affected surface area and can be used up to a maximum of two weeks without medical guidance.

Voltaren Max®

Does ‘pain’ keep you from fulfilling your day to day activities? Is your career affected by prolonged chronic pain? or you need something long acting than ordinary gels? Well, you are in luck as the matchless Voltaren Max® is in business.

Voltaren Max® is an extraordinary gel from the famed ‘Voltaren’ group specially designed for people suffering from long-term pain. Just like Emulgel®, this is also a whitish, soft, homogenous cream, but having almost double diclofenac content which is 2.32% w/w of diclofenac diethylamine.

Having a doubled dose of diclofenac will allow the users to use it less frequent than the Emulgel® giving you more freedom in dealing with your pain. This can be used in handling any long-term joint pain affecting their daily activities like chronic pain from osteoarthritis. You need to apply Voltaren Max® only every 12 hours enabling you to rush to your work after applying it in the morning not having to worry about it until bed time. You don’t have to apply it many times over the night and will let you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

The unique formula of Voltaren Max® contains a ‘special permeation enhancer’ that will push the medication through the skin faster than Emulgel® and the extra diclofenac will be stored in nearby tissues eliciting a ‘sustained release’ of diclofenac over 12 hours. The sustained release mechanism is very valuable as it will not rush the drug into the tissue but release it gradually without overdosing. This will minimize the amount entering blood stream also significantly.

Voltaren Max Gel is the only non-prescription analgesic available in the market that works for a continuous 12 hours without any hassle. Just like Emulgel®, it acts by diffusing to local tissue and controlling the inflammation thus alleviating the pain and swelling.

However, as it contains twice the dose of active ingredients than Emulgel®, it should not be used more than two times a day. Diclofenac can enter into the blood stream when applied in excessive amounts. So apply with care, sticking to the correct dosing for maximum benefit.